Splash Into a New Soda Sensation


Photo courtesy of Aubrey Jaramillo

Mustangs, Lauren Gadeski, Aubrey Jaramillo, and Paige Martinez working the splash drive through.

Karissa Murdoch, Journalist

  Splash is the newest hit among sodas. Located within the Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash on 7155 Grand Montecito Pkwy, Splash is a place where people can get modified sodas and other snacks. 

Sophomore, and Splash employee, Aubrey Jaramillo says, “Splash is a custom soda shop where you can customize your own soda or pick from our pre-made ones. We offer other treats as well such as cookies, popcorn, pretzel bites, Dippin Dots, and even Krispy Kreme donuts.”

Giving customers the option to make an entirely new drink out of a simple soda allows for a lot of combinations. 

“My favorite drink is an Amazon, which is Mountain Dew with passion fruit, mango and strawberry. Lots of customers enjoy the Blondie (Dr. Pepper with vanilla, coconut, and half & half) so I would say try that,” Jaramillo adds. My favorite drink to make is a Powerade with peach syrup because it is so simple yet tastes so good.

Not only is Splash a hit for customers, many of the employees are Mustangs themselves.

Mustangs hard at work in the drive through window. (Photo courtesy of Aubrey Jaramillo )

Junior, Lauren Gadeski says, “I have worked at Splash for a year now, I applied because I wanted some experience in a workplace.” 

Along with Jaramillo and Gadeski, junior, Paige Martinez calls Splash home and loves the atmosphere at work. 

“My favorite part of my job is the coworkers. I like that I have made friends from my job and I am close with almost everyone I work with because I wouldn’t have met these people if I didn’t have my job,” Martinez adds. 

Jaramillo is also a fan of the work environment saying, “My favorite part of my job is definitely being able to work with my friends because it makes my shift go by way faster and I get to bond with them.”

Splash isn’t only a hit among Fabulous Freddy’s customers and employees, Splash also sparks a liking from its high school clientele making it appealing to all soda lovers. 

“Personally I think just our large variety of sodas and treats. We are very close to lots of high school students which also helps increase our popularity when they see other kids their age drinking Splash. The ability to have lots of options draws a lot of attention to us unlike other soda shops who might not offer as much,” Jaramillo says. 

Splash is a hit on all fronts, it is loved by its clients and its employees for its customizability and its innovative change to the typical gas station soda. 

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