HOSA’n Our Way Back to School

Avrie Vohs, Journalist

Clubs are a major part of high school. One of the many clubs at Shadow Ridge High School is HOSA. Junior, Sophia Gatti, is the president of this student led club.

“HOSA stands for Health Organization Students of America,” Gatti says. “It is a medical based organization and covers a multitude of careers. We value giving back to the community and helping others, especially those who need it the most. We not only educate about medical careers but leadership and we get opportunities for our future. This is a nation-wide program as well.”

HOSA isn’t just at school, there are multiple places people can go too. HOSA gets members ready for the competition in Reno, Nevada.

“Students who participate and pay their dues will be able to go to Reno for the competitions, specifically to the Golden Nugget Casino/Hotel,” Gatti states. “There will hopefully be some community service opportunities in which we go to outside places within our city.”

Junior Natalie Sullivan-Rua has learned so much from being in HOSA.

“My experience in HOSA has been amazing,” Sullivan explains. “My time as a member has bettered my leadership skills, gotten me used to public speaking, and has introduced me to some amazing people. I have gotten to see the different health care needs around the world and it has really guided me to what I would like to pursue. Going to SLC was genuinely the best experience I have had all throughout high school. I got to learn so much while competing in something I am so passionate about.”

HOSA meets on the second, third, and fourth Thursday of every month from 1:30 to 2:30 in room 316. Anyone who is interested in working on their leadership skills or the medical field can join.

“HOSA not only benefits you by preparing you for your future health care career but it also looks great on your college applications,” Sullivan says. “When you join HOSA your name is registered to the program which shows colleges that you are in health care.”

When HOSA started back up again last year, it was a rocky road. Things had to change to make this organization run a little smoother.

“Compared to last year, HOSA has improved so much,” Sullivan states. “Last year all of the members were new to HOSA. I and the few other members who were selected for leadership had absolutely no clue how to run a club or even what HOSA was. Prior to last year, HOSA had only been at Shadow Ridge a year before the Covid-19 lockdown. Through trial and error we were able to better ourselves, familiarize ourselves with the HOSA organization, and know exactly what it means to be a HOSA future health professional. We continue everyday to build this program and to lead with our best effort.”

Sophomore, Kadyn Sparkman was a member of HOSA last year, and is super excited for it to start back up again.

“I joined HOSA because I want to pursue a career in forensics science and I think that HOSA will help with extending my knowledge of forensic science.”