Not So Shady Ridge


Trevor Page

The sun beating down in the quad.

Trevor Page , Journalist

The quad seems like a great place to hangout, eat lunch, and participate in school activities. During passing time, the large area is always bustling with people rushing to get from period to period. At lunch time, most students are moving quickly to find a spot to sit with their friends hoping to chomp a few bites of food down and relax for a few minutes, they don’t really care where they sit. That is, until the sun starts pounding down on them and students realize there really isn’t anywhere to go.

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There are a handful of shade structures scattered throughout the quad and multiple trees planted throughout the area, but not enough shady areas to protect students from the brutal Las Vegas sun. 

A sophomore, Dylann Carl said, “It gets really hot in the quad and if I take off my jacket, I will get dress-coded. When I go into the bathroom, the admin will kick me out. If I go into the lower part of the gym area, the admin will also kick me out. There are overpopulated areas in the shady spots, so there are no comfortable places to sit.” 

Since there are an estimated few hundred students in every lunch period, it makes it extremely challenging for students to secure a seat inside the air conditioned cafeteria or to find  some shade in the quad. Students will often feel frustrated when they can’t find a seat in the shade.

Sophomore, Bella Mora stated, “It affects me because I’m always having to walk around to find a shady table for lunch and I’m always tired and exhausted from the sun always beating down on me.” 

Most of the tables in the quad with no shade. (Trevor Page)

Although the fall weather will hopefully be here soon, it is still important to explore potential solutions for needing more shade in the quad before the next warm season hits and the same problem happens.

Carl said, “I think they should open back up the lower quad part where there is shade.”

Last year, the lower part of the quad was open to students during lunch and tables were placed under the shade to allow students more options for seating during lunch time. This could be the most cost effective way to solve the problem, rather than having to purchase additional shade structures. Hopefully a plan will be put in place soon so students will be able to take a break from the blistering Las Vegas sun.