Social Media at The Ridge


The Lariat’s Instagram Page

Violet Flanagan, Co-Editor In Chief

As social media has grown into such a widespread source for information, high schools everywhere have been using it as a way to connect with their students outside of the classroom. Various clubs and organizations at Shadow Ridge use platforms like Instagram to advertise their club to students and get important information out to members. 

Social media serves as a vital communication tool. Because almost everyone has it, it’s a great way for new clubs to get themselves out there, and for new students to find ways to get involved in their school community.

The Lariat is one of many of these organizations that uses social media to get a broader reach. Mikayla Maluyo, Senior, is one of The Lariat’s Co-Editor’s in Chief and in charge of The Lariat’s Instagram page (@srhslariat). She puts a lot of hard work into what she does.

“Running The Lariats Instagram is a very interesting job because I’m able to connect with other school accounts to figure out what information should be given to students,” she says. “I also love designing templates for Instagram stories and posts to make it look professional.”

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is another club that uses social media to connect with students. Shay Shrader, junior, is the President and also in charge of running GSA’s Instagram account, @shadowridge.gsa.

“I love making all the posts, creating them, the whole process from brainstorming to creating the post and even posting them. It is difficult figuring out what people would be drawn to look wise, we don’t want anything boring, but nothing too outrageous either,” says Shrader. “It’s been amazing, being able to work with and talk to people interested in our club as much as I am has allowed for me to feel more connected to those around me. It makes me feel like I’m not this big shot and I can have genuine conversations with club members even if it is over text.”

Despite the dangers and downsides of social media in everyday life, there are many circumstances where it can bring people together, and this is certainly one of them. People can connect online in ways they can’t in person, and messages can be spread much faster to their target audience. Overall, social media has had a positive impact on Shadow’s community.

“I think social media has really brought notice to our club, especially after only making this account when school started and already having 40 followers is quite a lot when you think of it,” says Shrader. “We never expected the amount of support and people who joined our club and it’s all thanks to this Instagram.”

Mikayla Maluyo, speaking for The Lariat, would agree that social media is an important part of building a community.
“I think social media accounts help our school because we’re able to reach out to a lot of students who have social media, and in this day and age having social media is the easiest way to communicate ideas that need to be heard.”