The ‘Key’ to Life is Key Club


Photo Courtesy of: Alexis Nguyen

Members of Key Club meet virtually every week.

Mallory Priest, Journalist

Every week, Natalie Nguyen, President of Key Club, meets with the members of Key Club to help plan all events and fundraisers. With the help of an adviser, Ms. Dadosky, Key Club focuses on building character, building leadership, and helping the community. Not only does Key Club look good on college applications, but it makes the members feel accomplished and well-rounded.

“I’ve been a part of Key Club since my freshman year, so I’ve been here for the entire journey, and before high school and middle school…my cousins were always talking about how it’s better to join service clubs instead of social clubs. I felt that Key Club was a good mix of both. I’ve always heard good things about Key Club. When I first joined, it was a small group and it still is kind of small, we always want more members, it doesn’t matter the size,” states Nguyen.

Nguyen’s favorite thing about Key Club is how close everyone is, including officers, the vice president and president, and members. Being a tight-knit group is important for all clubs, but especially Key Club because being together to complete events and fundraisers is important to put on the best event possible. Anyone can join Key Club at any time, and the only requirement is to fill out a form and pay $15 to help plan the best events and fundraisers.

“I’ve actually held a position for the past 3 years minus my freshman year… because I had experience on the board I was always ready to volunteer myself and try my best to improve the club in any way I could, whether as a member or as an officer. I felt that I could do more as an officer.  There was an empty space in the presidential position and because I felt that I could accomplish the responsibilities that a president does, I ran for it,” Nguyen responds.

Being in a ‘family’ of people from Shadow is the main point of joining a club.

“My favorite thing about Key Club has to be the community. Everyone feels like they can genuinely be themselves and we feel like one big family,” Olivia Bryant shares.

Key Club’s upcoming event, RTC, is about getting together with other Nevada Key Clubs and doing workshops, service projects, fun activities such as a Spirit Battle, and a dance. In the words of Nguyen, “Join Key Club!”