Indy Rodriguez, Upcoming Star!

Madi Miller, Journalism

Shadow Ridge has produced many talented students in countless fields, and here comes another one! Freshman Indy Rodriguez has hit the stage and is wowing everyone. Although it is only her first year acting, she has already landed multiple parts in the theature program’s plays. She has been featured in the Wizard of Oz as understudy for Auntie ‘Em, and even portrayed Glinda. In the latest play produced by Shadow, which will be on May 5th, 6th and 7th, she will go on as one of the leads. Rodriguez has wanted to try acting for a while so she is finally pursuing that dream, and it is not an understatement to say that she is killing it!

Indy Rodriguez (right), playing a munchkin in Wizard of Oz. (Photo Courtesy of: Charlotte Larason)

Rodriguez, though only acting for a short amount of time, has fallen in love with theatre. When asked if she saw herself making a future out of acting, she says, “In a way yes I do! I would love to do acting for ┬áliving. I hope I can become something in the acting field one day!”

The school’s upcoming play, called Phantom Tollbooth seems unlike anything else Shadow has done before. Most students have probally never heard of this play, but are excited to come support. The play itself is about a young boy who becomes bored with his home life, when suddenly a tollbooth and car appear in his bedroom. He embarks on a huge adventure to a whole new world as he meets new friends and foes along the way. Rodriquez plays a lead role, who goes by the name of Humbug. Humbug is an arrogant grasshopper who loves attention and being in charge. He gives life lessons of what not to do and wants to be important in people’s lives, even though well, he is not. The production includes a fairly small cast, but some other characters featured in the play include the lead, Milo (played by Mars Gaston) and Tock (played by Kaleigh Omori).

Freshman Indy Rodriguez, playing the humbug. (Photo Courtesy of: Charlotte Larason)

Rodriguez says that she really enjoys the play, “I like the characters a lot, there’s a lot of different types of personalities which I think makes the play more interesting and the whole cast, crew, director (Mrs. Harley) and I have really great chemistry. We work really well with one another and we are very comfortable around each other which makes it easy to do what we love, which is acting!”

Students are encouraged to come watch the play in support of Rodriguez and the rest of the program. Tickets will go on sale the week before opening night.