Saying Goodbye to Ms. Berge


Photo Courtesy of: Ms. Berge

Ms. Berge with all of the money!

Elaina Smith, Journalist

Shadow Ridge’s beloved banker, Ms. Berge, has decided to hang up her Mustang hat to pursue bigger and better things at the Clark County School District’s main office. She will be leaving Shadow after 18 years of service to become a banking trainer over 85 schools in the district. While it is hard to imagine life at the Ridge without Ms. Berge, the students and staff at Shadow wish her only the best as she embarks on this new adventure. Sadly, Ms. Berge’s last day was Thursday, March 24th, but she is still available through the school district email if anyone wants to say hello/goodbye to her.

Ms. Berge expressed great sadness as she left the hallowed halls of Shadow Ridge, saying that she has loved every minute of her time as a Mustang. Ms. Berge, unfortunately, had reached her maximum banker potential and decided it was time to take on a challenge (and it was an opportunity to make more money so she could begin traveling more).


Ms. Berge and her daughter, Hailey. (Photo Courtesy of: Ms. Berge)

Ms. Berge said, “There have been so many favorite memories at Shadow Ridge… The first Homecoming parade, working Prom, cheer competitions, staying late with Ms. Rush on the first day of school checking off names and laughing until we cried.  Yelling “Spirit Bus” with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Gibo when kids came in to pay to ride the bus to the State Women’s Volleyball game.  The first color run, assemblies, when the students made a video to pay for AP tests to the song of Fergalicious but it was Bergalicious.  It was so funny.  Watching my daughter grow up in this school, she was 5 when I started and now is a graduate from UNR and working as an investigator for the State of Nevada.”

Although Ms. Berge will be working out of the distict office, she will still be in charge of 85 schools and she is crossing her fingers hoping that Shadow Ridge will be one of those 85. Ms. Berge also hopes that she will be able to wear all of her Shadow Ridge apparell at her new job.

“I will visit as often as I can.  Shadow is my home and always will be, I have done a lot for this school behind the scenes and will always love it,” stated Ms. Berge.



After working in one place for 18 years, cleaning out the banking office has proven to be a big, and emotional, task for Ms. Berge. It took her approximately 7 days to pack up all of her memories from Shadow.

Students shouldn’t fear that the banking office will be left empty though, Ms. Cowles, who was a former assistant principal secretary, has become the new banker and Ms. Berge has the utmost faith that Ms. Cowles will serve the student body as faithfully as Ms. Berge did.

Ms. Berge does leave some words of wisdom for Ms. Cowles, “Laugh, but be firm, The Lariat gets all the extra money.  If there are packages missing check the Science Department. If we get an extra package it always belongs to Paige Smith.  Ms. Rush is always right, telling the principal “No” often.  Always have chocolate or treats for banking customers.  And always above all else, love Shadow Ridge.  Be a Mustang always.”