Alternatives to Gas

Gas prices rise to above $5 in Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

Gas prices rise to above $5 in Las Vegas

Jack Monson, Journalist

Over the past few weeks, gas prices have began to soar all over the United States due to various sanctions and trading issues with Russia over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite the United States not importing much petroleum from Russia, the shortage has drastically affected gas prices. This has led to an increased interest in alternatives for gas-fueled transportation.

One of the popular alternatives in Las Vegas are electric bikes. It may not be necessary to buy a whole new electric bike as there are many products that turn a standard bike into an electric one.

Pedego Electric Bikes store owner, Jordan Clark says, “Three to four weeks ago we started to experience a lot more customers coming into the store… We are literally talking to every single customer about the cost of fuel.”

For many, an e-bike may be a great alternative to a car. Especially for shorter commutes, electric bikes may be well worth the price.

I cannot think one negative thing about having an electric bike. There is no negative thing”

— Jerry Malone

Clark says, “I was a big guy then I was about 330 pounds… I didn’t know if the bike could hold me… but I went and talked to the guy and he said no problem. I actually rode 30 miles that first day and I just felt so liberated.”

Electric bicycles are a popular choice for electric transportation. (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

For longer journeys, the obvious choice would be an electric vehicle. And for good reason, electric vehicles are now very reliable and much more widely available.

EV Enthusiast Edward Malkiewicz says, “Anybody that gets involved with an electric vehicle pretty much doesn’t go back to gasoline.”

However, electric vehicles come at a very high cost. An electric vehicle may cost several tens of thousands of dollars. This problem has been solved by crafty individuals at the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association who have figured out how to convert standard gas cars into fully electric vehicles.

LVEVA member James Katzen says, “Like everyone else, I wanted to buy a Tesla. I still want to buy one.”

James Katzen was able to convert his car to electric for only $6,000 and is willing to share his craft with others at the LVEVA website.

Whether it is an electric bike or vehicle, there are many alternatives to gas that are rising in popularity just as gas prices rise. There are even other experimental alternatives such as hydrogen fuel and solar powered vehicles. Or maybe it’s more worthwhile waiting out to see if gas prices return to an agreeable level than to rely on another transportation fuel.