NBA Playoffs … Who Will Win?


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Luka in playoffs

Liam Guthrie, Journalist

With the NBA playoffs coming very soon it’s time to think about who’s the favorite to win it all and also which low seeded team has the best chance to make a run. The top seed in the Western Conference, which is the team with the best record, is the Phoenix Suns,  they are the favorites to win it all. But there are a lot of contenders in the east. There are 4 teams within 1 game of first place, all those teams have a shot at making it far in the playoffs, but one of the teams that has been the hottest team in the east lately is the Boston Celtics. They are 17-3 in their last 20 games. Fans shouldn’t forget about the Warriors either, they are the #2 seed in the west and just starting to get hot.

Dan House from (Sports Grid) stated, ”Over the past three months, The Boston Celtics have been playing like the best team in the NBA of late. They have become a serious problem in the East and have proven they can beat anybody in the conference. They play great defense – the best in the league on a points per game basis – and have turned themselves into a contender. After an 18-21 start to the season, there were rumors about head coach Ime Udoka being in over his head and potentially getting fired. Now, they have ripped off 19 wins in their previous 22 games. Boston is now a legit contender in the Eastern Conference. If they don’t advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, it may feel like a disappointment. They have shown that they can play with Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Miami, and Chicago, which bodes well for the postseason. The Brooklyn Nets remain the favorite to win the East, but the Celtics will undoubtedly be tough in this year’s playoffs.”

If the Celtics keep playing the way they have been in the playoffs they will be a tough team to beat. Celtics player, Jayson Tatum, can score the ball efficiently and get to the rim whenever he wants.

Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics gearing up for playoffs. (Photo Courtesy of Google)

Secondly, the Lakers, if they get into the playoffs, are a serious threat to beat anybody. Shaquille O’Neal, one of the best players in NBA history, had some bold words stating, “If the Lakers get the 8th seed they will beat the Suns in the first round of the Playoffs.”

Shaq knows a lot about basketball.  Phoenix should prepare and not look past the 8th seed.

Ronald Flenoy, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge who is a huge basketball fan said, ”I think the Philadelphia 76ers will win the NBA Finals. I just think Joel Embid and James Harden will be too much for any team to handle. When you have two of the most unguardable players in the world it’s gonna be hard to beat.”

The NBA playoffs will be exciting and very fun to watch with all the good teams playing. It’s really up in the air so it will make watching a lot more fun.

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