Golden Knights Give Back


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The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation logo.

Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor

Ever since the Vegas Golden Knights became a team, they have been helping the community grow. Their main charitable source is The Golden Knights Foundation. The Golden Knights Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. There are many different events that the organization puts on to help benefit the community. 

“The Vegas Golden Knights is more than a National Hockey League team to the Las Vegas community. They brought our community together in a time of crisis and make it a priority to support many local charities and organizations,” states Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).

There are three main areas of focus, those include education and youth sports, military and first responders, and health and wellness. For the education and youth sports goals they are fostering the growth of Las Vegas youth through K-12 public school programs and initiatives with an emphasis on youth sports and activities. For the military and first responders, they are focused on securing the future of Las Vegas military, first responders, and their families, especially those who have suffered a sacrifice for the greater good. For the health and wellness focus, their goal is to make a positive impact on health and wellness in the community as well as fighting hunger and homelessness in Las Vegas by addressing their root cause. 

There are eight programs/events that The Golden Knights Foundation put on. Those include, Charity Golf Classic, You Can Play, Nevada Day, Hockey Fights Cancer, Military Appreciation, First Responder Appreciation, Knight to Remember, and 51/49 Raffle. 

Each of these programs/events raises money for certain charities, to help recognize, commemorate, and celebrate people in the community. In 2018, The Golden Knights Foundation awarded the RMHC of Greater Las Vegas a grant so they could make a mobile dental center for undeserved families. The foundation also raised around $24,000 for families who are struggling financially.

“At the end of 2018, the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation awarded a grant to RMHC of Greater Las Vegas’ Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®, which provides access to dental care for undeserved children in both rural Nevada and inner city Las Vegas. They have also supported our Red Shoe Society with a presenting sponsorship for their 2019 Spring Event at Topgolf, where the Red Shoe Society raised more than $24,000 for RMHC® families,” explains RMHC of Greater Las Vegas.

Providing and serving the community is something that the Golden Knights feel they should do, since they too are a part of the Las Vegas community. The team gets financial support from various events throughout the year. 

“The Vegas Golden Knights Foundation supports the Las Vegas community and local non-profits that make a difference every day via partnerships, community programming and direct grants. These initiatives are funded through financial donations and various programming throughout the year. As Las Vegas’ first major professional sports team, the Vegas Golden Knights recognize and embrace our duty to strengthen and inspire our community,” said