Ann Margaret- Our District’s New LTG



Key Club Advisors and officers supporting Ann running for LTG

Violet Flanagan, Features Editor

Key Club President Ann Margaret De Guzman, junior, has been elected as next year’s Lieutenant Governor (LTG) for district twenty eight. As Lieutenant Governor she was voted in by her peers to oversee the Key Clubs at 10 schools in district twenty eight.

“I decided to run for LTG because I wanted to be more involved in Key Club since the organization has given me so many wonderful opportunities and friends!” says De Guzman.

“The Lieutenant Governor’s job entails being a liaison between the clubs in my division and District and International, and I also oversee all the Key Clubs in my division, which includes Arbor View, Centennial, Cheyenne, Cimarron Memorial, Northwest CTA, West CTA, Palo Verde, the Meadows, Western, and of course Shadow Ridge!”

De Guzman is excited for her new position, and believes being Key Club president has done a lot to make her ready to take on this new role.

I wanted to be more involved in Key Club since the organization has given me so many wonderful opportunities and friends!

— Ann Margaret De Guzman

“I think being Key Club president has helped me prepare for LTG because I better understand the wants, needs, and problems that each individual club can have and I will be able to better address them and offer assistance as Lieutenant Governor,” she says.

De Guzman’s peers and fellow Key Club leaders are proud of how far she’s come and excited to see where her new job brings her.

“Honestly, I’m very proud of her because she’s very hardworking and she’s finally stepping out of her box of being shy,” says Mary-Claire, junior and Key Club Treasurer. “I feel like being president has prepared her for this because she’s the one doing the majority of the work and in Key Club, most of the time she’s the one that’s speaking.”

In 2022 Mary Claire plans to run for Editor of Key Club.

D28 West LTG Elect- Ann Margaret De Guzman (@shadowridgekeyclub)

“I’m very happy for her,” says Harold Roberts, junior and Key Club Sargent at Arms. “I believe she’ll do a good job. She deserves the spot.” Harold has been in Key Club for 2 years and plans to run for Editor next year as well.

Overall, everyone is excited to see what’s to come for Key Club and district twenty eight. Mikayla Maluyo, junior and Key Club member, summarized the clubs’ sentiments pretty well.

“I absolutely adore Ann and I am so proud of her accomplishments already. She’s been such a great Key Club president all year and I am so excited to see what she will achieve as Lieutenant Governor.”