Marley Martinez Dives into Shadow Ridge


Photo Courtesy of: Marley Martinez

Junior, Marley Martinez

Alyssa Greer, Journalist

Junior, Marley Martinez, a student and a swimmer here at Shadow Ridge, has been swimming on club and high school teams since her freshman year. She enjoys a variety of activities in and out of school but the activity she loves to do the most, in and out of school, is swimming.

Martinez has participated in swimming events ever since coming to Shadow Ridge and has had plenty of her fair share of struggles but she has improved and grown a lot since first trying out for swim.

 I really enjoy swimming. It’s really challenging and can be discouraging to not improve how you want to but every time you get a new personal best it’s worth it.”

After school clubs and sports teams can be a great way to socialize and form friendships with others. This stands true for Martinez as well. Through participation in after-school activities such as club swim and the Shadow Ridge swim team, Martinez has formed close bonds with many new friends.

 Swim was the best thing I could have done for my social life,” says Martinez. “The people I met my freshman year at swim are still my closest friends, and the people I consider family. The best part of swim for me is seeing my teammates every single day.”

Junior, Marley Martinez relaxes with teammates after a long practice. (Photo Courtesy of: Marley Martinez)


Swim has had a positive effect on Martinez’s life. It has been something that has brought her entertainment, physical activity, and friendships, but it has also caused her to evolve as a swimmer and a person.

“I think I am a much stronger person because of swim. I am incredibly hard working and I don’t give up easily on anything I do,” says Martinez. “I am always striving to improve myself whether that be in the pool or anywhere else.”

Martinez has been working hard in school and in swim and is determined to get even better. If Martinez wants to achieve something she will continuously work hard for it every day. In her overall school experience, however, swim has made the largest and most positive impact on her.

I love both swim team and club. With the swim team, I get to see amazing people I’ve grown so close with.  We participate in meets and team dinners every weekend. With the club, I am able to work hard, and improve my times and technique.”