Youth on Course


Photo Courtesy of: Michael Dustin

Senior, Justin Lewis, taking advantage of the Youth on Court program.

Jacob Stuart, Freelance Journalist

Youth on Course is revolutionizing the game of golf by allowing young golfers to play for only $5.00. This organization was created in Northern California in 2006 and has now grown to include six to nineteen-year-old participants across the country. Along with cheaper golf, YOC has other opportunities with their caddy program, paid internships, and college scholarships. With the help of over 1,700 courses, YOC has made the future of golf inviting, inclusive, and accessible to the next generation.

Atley Robison, a senior at Shadow Ridge High School, said, “Golf is pretty expensive and Youth on Course lets me and my friends play for $5.oo, which is super nice. The [Youth on Course] pays for itself after a few rounds so it is definitely worth it. I’m glad I got the membership so I can golf a lot without breaking the bank.”

The YOC membership is available to buy at $40. When playing at courses where golf can be up to $100, getting this pass is a no-brainer. While experienced golfers enjoy the benefits of this program, newer golfers can now experience the sport without worrying about the price.

Jacob Stuart, an amateur golfer, stated, “I have started to get serious about golf at the end of 2021. At first, I was a little overwhelmed when I heard that I could be paying up to 100 dollars a week to play at certain courses. My uncertainty was quickly relieved when I found out how much money I could save by getting a YOC membership.”

Along with the golf discount, Youth on Course hopes to prepare kids for life in adulthood. Through a variety of resources and a huge golfing community, YOC members can create connections while improving their game.

The Youth on Course website said, “Our members’ lives are bettered through their individual growth on the course and the connections they forge along the way. Some impact is subtle—more patience, problem-solving, fewer nerves, networking. And other impacts are transformative—attaining a scholarship for college and access to opportunities otherwise out of reach, as well as the confidence and support needed to succeed in life.”

Golf is so much more than a game, and the YOC program recognizes that. They have found a way to prepare the youth of America for life by using a sport they love to play.

Stuart explained, “Youth on Course has allowed me to make connections with fellow golfers around my city. Through these people, I have learned about different career paths, opportunities in the future, and basic life skills, all while playing a sport we love. It’s hard to get angry at a bad putt when you are having a great time playing cheap golf with good people.”

Youth on Course is a great opportunity for kids interested in golf. Over 130,000 people have been able to save money, join the community, and improve their skills through YOC.