Too Good to Go: Helping Earth One Order at a Time


Photo Courtesy of: Too Good to Go

The official Too Good To Go logo!

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

Everyone knows the feeling of being able to take food home from their favorite restaurant, being excited to enjoy the delicious meal again the next day. Well, imagine being able to enjoy those favorite leftovers without having to go out? The new app Too Good to Go has got that covered.

Too Good To Go is a team that is focused on reducing food waste in the restaurant industry while also allowing people to enjoy their favorite dishes as leftovers too. How it works is simple: everyday, restaurants, bakeries, and other fast-food places have food left over that they didn’t sell. The app allows people to “reserve” a surprise bag at the end of the day, that a person can pick up later!

A surprise bag from Too Good to Go is filled with a person’s favorite left overs.

Although this app was built with the intention to give food, it was also made with the environment in mind. The creators of the app knew that a lot of food produced (approximately 30%-40%) ended up being wasted. It may be a small amount at one store, such as a few cupcakes or a few helping of pasta, but many food banks wouldn’t be willing to come get such a small amount. Because of this, the food ended up being thrown in landfills. But, Too Good to Go helps combat this by keeping good food out of landfills and into people’s stomachs instead.

Too Good to Go has been around since 2016, and according to their website, Too Good to Go has connected 50.1 million users, saved 113 million meals from being wasted and has over 1200 employees. The company started in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has since traveled to 17 countries and “Too Good to Go saves over 100,000 meals every day,” according to their website.

When you’re saving meals with Too Good To Go, you’re powering the force for change. A planet with no food waste is a better place to be. And together, we can make it happen.

— Too Good to Go Team

Lucie Basch is the co-founder of the company, her main goal being to stop food waste. Basch and her associates have coined the “win-win-win; food-people-planet” slogan to represent their efforts to feed people and save the planet all at one time.

This amazing company was set into motion when Basch and her team were seeing all of the detrimental things that were happening to the planet that only resulted in food waste.

“Entire forests are cleared to grow produce that will never be eaten, and scientists have discovered how food releases harmful greenhouse gases when it’s disposed of unsustainably,” stated the To Good To Go website.

So the next time  is a csomeone is craving some yummy restaurant food, they should check out Too Good to Go for amazing food and a helping hand to the planet!