Heart of a Champion


Photo By: Ashlyn Davis

Junior, Trent Smith

Matthew Boughter, Journalist

Trent Smith, currently a junior, is a varsity wrestler at Shadow Ridge. Smith has been wrestling since 5th grade, but he has been doing martial arts since 1st grade.

“As a kid I was picked on for being overweight, so I started working out and this sparked my passion for weightlifting and self-betterment,” recalled Smith.

Smith’s biggest wrestling inspiration is Roman Bravo Young who is a Big Ten wrestler at Penn State University.

Smith says, “He’s such a good character in everything he does. His wrestling style is unorthodox and knowing that there’s someone who is able to be as successful as he is and have such a unique style inspires me to be creative and be myself rather than follow all the rules.”

But Trent is mainly inspired by the hard work and willpower of his parents who willingly give everything they can in order to support Smith’s dreams. 

“My inspiration for wrestling, schoolwork, and all that I do come from my parents. They migrated all the way from The Philippines to America to provide me with the best possible environment for me and my future,”  shared Smith.

The hardest thing for Trent is trying to find a balance between spending time with family, school work, and wrestling as all of those aspects in his life play an important role. 

Smith’s coach, Coach Gledhill appreciates all of the time and dedication Smith brings to the team, “Trent is one of those kids that only comes along once or twice in your career as a coach.  He is top of his class, a hard worker, everything we want in a wrestler for our program.  He is a team leader for us through his work ethic.  He always comes into the room with his lunch pail, and hard hat looking to improve and get better.  He encourages our other wrestlers to improve and is always willing to help out anyone who wants to do that.  He is a great example for our team.  We are lucky to have him.”

Smith plans for the future to go to college and major in something in the medical field or professional wrestling if the opportunity arises.