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Photo Courtesy of Karissa Guthrie

Sophomore Jeremiah Campbell and Freshman Liam Guthrie wearing their Nike Techs.

Liam Guthrie, Journalist

Fashion trends have been around for a long time, but in today’s world social media tends to take fashion trends to a whole new level.  The latest trend, “Are you one of them,” talks about the Nike Tech jacket.  After Christmas this year, this trend seemed to take off.  According to the Nike website, “the Nike Tech Fleece hoodie strikes the right balance with a lightweight, low-profile design that packs in the heat without adding bulk.”  Just looking around Shadow Ridge, a person can tell that a lot of students have jumped on the trend.

According to training and fitness blog writer, Stuart Patrick, “Tech Fleece pieces are chosen by many celebrities and sports stars as casual wear, mainly due to their comfort factor. Drake, DeMar DeRosen, Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounpo have all been spotted in Nike Tech Fleece pieces.”

The celebrity traction could be why Nike tech is trending.  Another huge factor is not just because the jacket is comfortable and looks nice.  Tik Tok, along with other social media sites, has started the “Yes, I am one of them” trend.

Liam Guthrie

John Donahoe, a Nike executive  stated, ”The brand’s engineered waffle-knit Tech Fleece fabric gives the jacket a cool, textured look while regulating your temperature to the most comfortable level. We’re also fans of the contrast finishes on the shoulders and zippers that lend themselves to a sleek, futuristic look.”

Now, Shadow Ridge students are starting to wear what the stars have thanks to social media and likely their parents.  Looking around campus it seems as as if the top gift this year was the Nike Tech.  There are a wide variety of colors that students have been showing off since coming back from the break.  At Shadow,  all kinds of student groups have been spotted wearing them.  The trend doesn’t seem to be only stuck with athletes.  Students from all kinds of groups are wearing Nike tech such as theater kids, band kids, and AP students.

Sophomore, Diego Faulkner stated, ‘I got my Nike tech because it is comfortable to wear; it’s the new fashion trend and you can also wear it with a lot of things. You can wear it with light wear to workout or even if you’re going out with some friends, not only that, but it keeps you very warm.”

What will the next fashion trend be?  How long will this fashion trend last?  Time will tell, but in the meantime enjoy the current trend and show off the new Tech!

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