Carly’s Quest to Conquer Senior Year

Camryn Taylor, Journalist

Carly Houser, senior, is experiencing a senior year like no other.

Houser spent her first three years at Shadow participating in cheerleading, Paws for Change, and National Honors Society.  This year, however, things have taken a dramatic turn with the announcement that all CCSD classes will be held online for the foreseeable future. 

Every year, seniors look forward to their “Senior Sunrise” where all of the seniors meet up and watch the sunrise together.  This is a great bonding experience for the entire class and a perfect way to catch up with friends before the first day of school begins.  Obviously, because of the pandemic this year, the Senior Sunrise was canceled by the school.  This is just one example of how the class of 2021 is missing out on the typical experiences of a high school senior. 

Houser had an optimistic attitude about the situation though, stating, “Luckily some friends and I were able to make one happen this year, we thought it was very important and would be special to the seniors who would attend. I also really look forward to prom, but I don’t know if it will be a possibility due to the circumstances of the pandemic.” 

On Instagram, Houser and some of her friends made an account where they planned when and where the socially distanced event would take place. They then tried to have as many people as possible promote the event. The event was received well and a lot of masked wearing seniors showed up and had a lot of fun.

Houser states, “Cheering at assemblies, going to homecomings, attending Nationals with my cheer team, and cheering at football games,” have all been some of her favorite memories while attending school at Shadow Ridge.

Houser keeps a positive attitude although her senior year looks very different than what she imagined, saying, “I think we will go back to school in January. I really hope I can end my senior year by attending school every day and seeing all my friends in person for the last couple of months. I would also love to be able to have a graduation ceremony in the Spring of 2021.”

Houser is planning on attending her dream college in Ohio, to study education, even if the pandemic continues.