Welcoming Shadow Ridge’s New Assistant Principal, Mrs. Roxane Thomas


Photo Courtesy of: Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Thomas and her family.

Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor

Shadow Ridge is always welcoming new students, teachers, staff, and faculty every year. The Ridge’s newest edition is Mrs. Roxane Thomas. She is an assistant principal along with supervising the math department, testing coordinator, and will help with discipline around the school. As this is her first official year with the title assistant principal, she is excited to help make the Shadow community better than ever.

When she first entered college she majored in architecture, as she was a big fan of physics in high school, and she tested into all the math classes, but she quickly found out that she didn’t really like it. She switched her major to education and ended up teaching English for eight years. 

Earlier in her career as an educator, she was the testing coordinator at East Career and Technical Academy, ECTA, and she also helped the English department with instruction, because that is what she taught. She also helped the math department with the data and finding students who needed help. At Liberty High School, she mainly taught English 10, with occasional assistance in English 9, 11, and 12. She was also the Head Cheer Coach, and ended up winning a National Championship in 2019, right before the shutdown. 

“I think that Shadow Ridge is in a good place as far as school spirit goes and involvement, but I want to see Shadow Ridge start winning. I want every sports team to be winning. The football team did really really good this year, but I want to see them win next time. I want to see the cheer team winning. I want to see the volleyball team winning. I want to see soccer winning. I want Shadow Ridge to be what it can be,” announced Thomas.

There are many things that Thomas loves about Shadow including the school spirit and involvement, but there are some things that she would like to change, in order for the school to be a better and safer place. She wants the students to act in a more unified way and to be kinder to one another. 

“My husband was the assistant principal here two years ago, so when he was here we would bring our kids to the Homecoming parade, the graduation for seniors parade, and I just really like the environment of how the neighbors bring out lawn chairs, and they also watch,” states Thomas. 

Shadow Ridge has always been on her radar, since she grew up here in Las Vegas. Assistant Principal, Mrs. Shipp is very excited to work with Mrs. Thomas because she brings an abundance of knowledge from her other high schools. She’s also excited to work with Mrs. Thomas because she is fair, consistent, has common sense, and loves to be in a comprehensive high school, such as Shadow. 

“I am excited to show her the “Shadow Ridge” ways! Also, she has a wonderful and supportive family, so I am excited to attend events with them again,” explains Shipp.

Overall, Mrs. Thomas is very excited to work at Shadow and wants to see the Ridge become the best it’s ever been!