Adopt A Dog Today


Madi Miller, Journalist

Dogs are the most perfect creatures on earth, (aside from Harry Styles). Sadly, these innocent puppies are struggling the most this time of year, as shelters are overloading with the furry friends. Faced with hunger, cold, and with no love, these dogs in need have no where to turn. That’s why as many people as possible should adopt a dog today.

Phot credit: Google images

Most have probably seen the commercials for dog adoption with puppies who have those big, sad, longing eyes. Sadly, these ads are not of fiction, as an estimated 3.1 million dogs are placed in animal shelters each year. As guessed, animal shelters are not a loving, warm home these precious animals deserve, but rather the opposite. Shelters usually provide dogs with crowded cages, limited food, almost no toys, and inadequate veterinarian care. This is really something no animal deserves.

Especially with the pandemic, more dogs than ever have turned up homeless and in shelters, as people can not afford to keep these pets anymore. However, some people have used COVID as a chance to adopt a companion in those lonely times. If students are financially stable and ready to help a dog in need, these pets can be terrific companions in times of loneliness, boredom, or need. Dogs can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and even encourage excercise. They are scientifically proven to improve mental health, so by rescuing one of these fur balls, one could really rescue themselves. They can help their owner, as their love and friendship will always be prominent. Sometimes pets aren’t the only ones who need a little bit of love.

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

— Josh Billings

Adopting a dog is so much more inexpensive than purchasing from a breeder. Dogs from breeders typicially cost thousands, but adopted dogs are very little, sometimes even free, and the dogs are just the same, filled with unconditional love. When someone adopts a dog, they are not only giving it the love and shelter it deserves, but most likely saving its life.

Some local shelters where dog can be adopted include the Golden Retreiver Rescue, The Animal Foundation, Pits To Pets Rescue, and A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue.

So, with this said, adopt a dog today. There will be absolutly no regrets, only lifelong furry little friends.