Lights! Camera! Action!


Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge TV

SRTV Logo used in the morning announcements

Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor

Creating an effective and affordable way to spread the news around Shadow has been a long and exciting process. Video Productions has a lot of creativity and effort that goes into creating each video. Shadow’s new Video Production’s teacher, Bill Roe, and junior Luke Aldrich are extremely excited to be a part of the class.

Sharing my knowledge with students who are excited about learning and helping to make them better at Video Productions is my favorite part of teaching.

— Bill Roe

Mr. Roe has been the Video Productions teacher for a month and a half and is excited to improve the writing and presentation for every project produced. Getting the attention of viewers and getting them excited about watching everyday is what Roe wants to achieve. The creativity that goes into creating each video. Seeing each part slowly come together into something amazing, is his favorite part.

“The creativity that goes into it.  You take your video and sound, use your creativity, and put something together that started out as nothing and hopefully turns into something amazing.  When it’s done you get to share it with people and hopefully they like it too,” states Mr. Roe.

Everyday, the SRTV team creates the morning announcements, and sends them to all Shadow Ridge teachers, to show their students in order to spread news, fun stories, and lots of information. There are a lot of people needed to make the announcements come to life such as writers, cameramen, graphic artists, a teleprompter, anchors, editors, directors, producers, etc. The team puts in a lot of work just to make sure the staff and students of Shadow Ridge are kept up to date with the newest information.

Just a few of the people involved in making the morning announcements. (Photo Courtesy of: Shadow Ridge TV)

“There is quite a bit that goes into making the morning announcements.  First you need to get a hold of enough stories to make a script, because the whole announcement runs off of a script.  Second you need to have someone making graphics to go along with those stories that you found.  Then you need to get everyone together and film it.  Just filming it requires 5-6 people in order for it to run smoothly,” explains Aldrich.

Mr. Roe has  video production knowledge and a background in video productions because he worked for Channel 8 News. Las Vegas and Clark County have amazing  entertainment, crime, and great community stories. There is always something happening which makes for wonderful television news in Southern Nevada. In 2012, Roe went on a week-long trip to follow a chimpanzee from Las Vegas, NV to Bend, Oregon.

In 2012, a reporter from Channel 8 and I followed a van that was transporting a chimpanzee from Las Vegas to a chimp sanctuary in Bend, Oregon.  It was a week long trip and a lot of work with no sleep but it was an amazing trip,” said Mr. Roe.

In order to make the announcements or any other project produced by SRTV, they always appreciate feedback, so they know people enjoy watching them. Also, if any teachers or students have any stories, reach out to Bill Roe and he will try and get it covered.