The Dungeon Runners

Anthony Ford, Athletics Editor

Dungeons and Dragons, a game created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, was made with the intention of personalizing the massive battles of fantasy wargames while utilizing individual heroes. The core of D&D is storytelling, in which players and characters are in an ongoing fantasy story. The game has grown to include a variety of ways to authentically experience the worlds of heroic fantasy, including board games, video games, and novels written by fantasy authors.

Mr. Alexander Moore, teacher at Shadow Ridge and one of the advisers of the D&D club, states, “The Dungeon Runners are just a collection of students who wanted to play the popular role-playing game but had a hard time finding a group to do so. We get students together and into adventures so that they can play with students who share a similar interest. ”

Without being known by many, the Dungeon Runners have been together for a year now, starting back in October of 2019, and they have been meeting every Friday since then.  Mr. Moore is still having trouble rounding more troops, with it being difficult to gain student interest in joining.

“We’re still trying to get a current headcount because the news has been hard to spread, but last year we had around 30 students attending meetings every Friday.”

Mr. Moore went on to say “I think our club is very unique in that it allows you to do so many things. When we first started I had to explain how it was different from the Gamers Club. This club is different in that we are centered around 1 game, but that single game also holds so many different opportunities. You can be a sneaky thief or a daring warlock. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at being someone else, adventure awaits!”

It is common to think, “For what reason would I want to join the club?” or “Why would this club interest me?” Students should know that there are a variety of reasons to look into joining a club at school. Some could be looking to make new friends, some could be looking for adventure, or just a way to kill time throughout the day.  With D&D, all students need to join the club is a desire to play the game and socialize with others who share that same desire.