Freshman, Violet Talley


Katy Daley, News Editor

Freshman Violet Talley says, “The most exciting thing for me since she entering high school has been, either getting to play on sports teams or getting to meet new people since I’ve been homeschooled for all of my life, and this is my first year of public school, I was excited for a lot of the new opportunities. My biggest challenge that I’m still trying to overcome is English class and Biology class. I’m taking English Honors and it makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m also taking Biology Honors, and can’t understand much of what I’m supposed to learn. It may be hard but I plan to study harder so the classes get easier and I understand them more. My best memory in my first year of my high school career has been the first day of school since I was so excited to meet all of my teachers and classmates. The variety of sports and clubs has been my favorite part of high school. After high school I plan to become a WWE wrestler or to be a real estate agent.”