Squatching the Competition


Michael Dustin wields his glorious soaps (Photo Courtesy Of: Michael Dustin)

Kale Nelson, Editor in Chief

When it comes to soap products, there’s a gigantic shift aFOOT. Due to some intense advertising and persuasive arguing, the fresh new soap brand, Dr. Squatch, is sweeping its way across the nation. Dr. Squatch founder and CEO, Jack Haldrup, started off creating his own all natural soap in his garage, and his idea grew into a business that satisfies millions of customers’ hygiene needs. The company provides an alternative to modern synthesized soaps, offering all-natural products, no harmful ingredients, and, being a soap brand designed specifically for men, specially designed products that help keep the male body healthy. While Dr. Squatch may have started as a small business, their entertaining ads, mostly hosted by comedian and actor James Schrader, can now be found virtually everywhere. Their social media blast has proved extremely effective, expanding their company drastically, even drawing in high school students, such as Shadow Ridge’s very own Mustangs.

Students such as seniors, Jacob Stuart and Michael Dustin, have taken a BIGFOOT forward when it comes to their own hygiene. By using Dr. Squatch, they claim their confidence has increased as well as falling head over FEET for all the different Dr. Squatch scents.

Dustin explained, “I love Dr. Squatch. It’s everything I look for in soap. It makes my skin feel soft and exfoliated, it makes me smell good, and it’s all natural! My favorite scents are pine tar and grapefruit IPA.”

Yet, how could such a love for the Squatch begin? Dustin’s conversion to the natural ways of the Squatch happened to be prompted by whimsical ads with dreams of a better soap.

Michael Dustin

He shared, “I always saw their commercials on YouTube and thought they were funny and one day I started to get interested. Maybe the soap I was using really did suck. I started to memorize the commercials and I recited them to my friends until I decided it was time to try it out for myself. For Christmas, I got the ‘Try ‘Em All Bundle’ which includes one of each bar of soap that they make. It was the best purchase of my life. I fell in love. Ever since I’ve started using it, I’ve smelled better and my skin has never been healthier. I highly recommend the switch. I will never go back to generic soap.”

Dustin isn’t the only student obsessed with the wildly attracting soap. Stuart, Shadow Ridge’s very own Student Body President, also has grown fond of it and the differences it made in his life.

10/10. Would reccomend.”

— Jacob Stuart

“Dr. Squatch isn’t just a soap. It’s a lifestyle. When I used basic body wash, I was pushed around and seen as a beta. Kids stole my lunch money and I couldn’t catch a break. Then, my life turned around when I got my hands on a Dr. Squatch bar of alpine sage. Almost magically, I was given a raise at work, people treated me with respect, my athletic ability peaked, and girls gave me a chance. Dr. Squatch changed my life,” Stuart elaborated.

Dustin added that, for him, “Ever since the first shower with Dr. Squatch, I’ve felt more like a man. On Christmas Day, when I first used that luscious bar of pine tar, I stepped out of the shower with a chest full of hair and a voice two octaves deeper.”

With the expansion and growth of the legendary Dr. Squatch, the question is: Will you make the switch to Squatch?

Which Dr. Squatch scent would you use?


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