Freshman, Jasara Thomas


Katy Daley, News Editor

Freshman Jasara Thomas says, “The most exciting thing for me as I entered high school has been how many more kids and classes there are in high school. High school offers classes that can help us later in life. My biggest challenge was trying to make new friends because I’m shy half the time but once I get used to you then I won’t be shy; even though it was hard, I tried to get out of my comfort zone and started to talk and participate more in class, since doing that I’ve become more friendly but I’m still shy around some people. My best memory in my high school career so far has been getting to know the school better and getting to know more people. Learning¬† about more opportunities that I have in the world has helped me prepare for the future and that has been my favorite part of high school. After high school, I plan to attend college to become a First Line Supervisor and Detective. Becoming a cop has always been my dream since I was little so I decided to go after that dream and not give up.”