Jacob Stuart Takes the Lead as Student Body President!


Photo Courtesy of: Jacob Stuart

Watch as Stuart gets the crowd ready to win!

Taylor McEvoy, Journalist

Student Body President is no joke at Shadow Ridge, so when senior Jacob Stuart won the election, it was far from disappointing. Taking leadership his entire life, Stuart was the perfect fit for such a big job this school year, especially in all of the students’ eyes.

No matter what restrictions the school faces, he always finds a way to make things happen and make them fun. Stuart was not going to make this school year like the last.

With so much Shadow Ridge gear, Jacob Stuart is jumping with joy! (Photo Courtesy of: Jacob Stuart)

“After a 1 ½ year absence, many students don’t realize what we do as a student council, and how spirited we are,” said Stuart. “This year, I have worked with the student council to help bring back the hype to SRHS.”

After countless hours of hard work to bring Shadow Ridge back alive, Stuart still finds challenges with such an important role at Shadow. Making school events, entertaining the crowds, and supplying many students’ demands, he still manages to find the positive in things, no matter how hard.

“The biggest challenge I face is balancing being a president, and being a student,” says Stuart. “A lot of times, I can get caught up in creating events and activities, instead of actually enjoying them. Also, it’s easy to neglect my responsibilities, and have fun instead. I try my best to balance having fun, and doing my job.”

Stuart is not only Shadow Ridge’s Student Body President, but he is also everyone’s friend. One of Stuart’s biggest goals is making sure everyone has a good time and to make every moment memorable.

Stuart goes above and beyond, taking part in Shadow Ridge soccer! (Photo Courtesy of: Jacob Stuart)

“Jacob is a great leader and takes the students’ interests into consideration often,” said senior, Makayla McEvoy. “He is extremely friendly and has been since kindergarten!! You can always count on him to get a job done.”

Not only do Stuart’s closest friends, peers, and classmates recognize him as a great, but so do people who have never even met him. Just attending events, games, and activities Stuart leads and organizes, students can tell how awesome he is.

I want every student to be proud to be a Mustang. #M4L”

— Jacob Stuart

“No matter how big our student section is, Jacob always finds a way to hype us up,” said freshman Holland Thomas. “Whether he is using a Mustang head on a stick or just his voice, we all follow his lead and cheer louder until our voices crack.”

No matter the challenge, crazy requests, restrictions and more, Stuart is never one to disappoint Shadow’s student body.