Painting a New Picture: The Shadow Ridge Yearbook


Photo Courtesy Of: Tania Mason

The beautiful cover art for the SRHS 2021-22 yearbook

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

Everyone can agree that yearbook signing is one of the best parts of the school year. Having friends and teachers write nice messages, looking at all of the signatures a few years later, and seeing “H.A.G.S” written over and over again, brings back great memories from high school.  Shadow Ridge High School has always been amazing with their yearbook themes, and this year is not the year to disappoint. The new SRHS yearbook theme just dropped, and it will guarantee to highlight the most colorful moments of this school year!

Mrs. Tania Mason is an English teacher here at Shadow, as well as the yearbook adviser. Mason left the creative process of the new yearbook theme up to her two yearbook eidtors, seniors, Emma Aadland and Allie Beckstrand. The girls decided on the theme “Painting a New Picture,” and the theme focuses on all of the arts programs that Shadow Ridge has to offer.

“Everything is different, like the fact that we have to wear masks, have a new principal, are all a year older, and have not seen our school friends since we stopped going to physical school in March of 2020,” says Aadland.

With all of the changes that are happening this school year, Aadland, and Beckstrand both wanted a theme that would be open to change, while still encompassing the “new normal.” They wanted to really incorporate the changes that the students and administrators had to go through in the midst of the pandemic.

I think the colors are fitting for the book and this year as well.”

— Veah Velayo

Mason also said they they will be highlighting the students’ arts talents in the year book. Each arts based club or activity, fine arts or performing arts, all will get a divider page dedicated to them and their activity. This means that Band, Photography, Dance, etc. will all get their very own place in the yearbook to highlight their programs.

On top of this, Mason and her editors plan to make the yearbook very colorful, bright and fun. They want pieces of art work  scattered around the book to tie into the theme, and the front cover page will also be an art piece.

Shadow Ridge yearbooks form 2019-2020 and 2021 (Photo Courtesy of: Bella Hawkins)

“I think it’s beautiful,” says junior, Savannah Wagner. “It’s a lot more fun and colorful than previous years. It’s giving me… art vibes.”

This seemed to be the popular opinion. “When I saw the cover, I thought it was totally different but in a good way. […] and it’s really good to see a cover that’s not similar to past covers,” says junior, Vhea Velayo, who is also part of the SRHS yearbook.

Aadland, Beckstrand, and Mason all plan to make this crazy and ever-changing school year just a bit more colorful with their amazing creativity and beautiful designs.