Christina Garcia Makes the World Sweeter One Cookie at a Time


Christina Garcia

Christina Garcia

Aryssa Gallardo, Campus Life Editor

Christina Garcia is a mother of a student at Shadow Ridge, and she has a passion for baking cookies. She started baking as a teenager when she discovered that she loved the measuring aspect of baking, as she loved the science behind it. She loved figuring out how much flour, eggs, butter, and sugar she needed to make a cookie softer and chewier. She loves making chocolate chip cookies for her friends and family, but when the pandemic hit she moved to decorative sugar cookies. Baking cookies became her creative outlet once her son went into high school.

Between balancing her son’s busy school and sports schedule, her full-time job, and her cookie business, it has been challenging at times. She always has to keep track of how long a set of cookies will take, with the timelines, designs, and ingredients. Her favorite part of the baking process would have to be mixing all the ingredients together. It’s satisfying to perfect her recipe and see everything come together. She bakes cookies for various events, such as baby showers (her #1 request), weddings, birthdays, holidays, and sometimes just because. Cookies always make for a great gift!

Oh man to be able to pick my favorite cookie designs thus far is a little hard, but if I had to pick, I would say my bumble bee baby shower set and one of the wedding sets. I love the freedom that my clients give me when I create cookies for their special events.

— Christina Garcia

“My cookies are relatively around 3-4 inches tall, and my prices vary due to the designs and how complicated the designs might be. The most difficult part of decorating the sugar cookies is how many colors you will need. Logos and character cookies are the most expensive because of the complexity of the logos/characters. Also, the time you book is factored into pricing due to the amount of time it takes to make them; between baking, icing, and drying time it takes about 3-4 days to finish a set. I require at least a two-week notice so I have time to really sit down and design the cookie set I will be making, jotting down what colors and cookie cutters need to be used,” Garcia explains.

She limits the number of cookies she makes throughout the week since she also works full time. She makes anywhere from four to five dozen batches, but there are times that she overbooks. She has even done 10-12 dozen before! She bakes at home and puts a lot of love, time, and effort into her cookies.

“I have the typical oven that you would find in any home, lots of cookie cutters (probably over 100), aluminum baking pans, perforated baking sheets, and a Kitchen Aid mixer,” stated Garcia. Her inspirations for cookie designs usually come from Instagram or Pinterest. She looks at how other bakers use color palettes and how they add depth to their designs.

“My family and friends were completely on board with helping me perfect my cookie recipe. My son was the main taste tester and after about five recipe changes, he was over it. I made sure my cookies were perfect before I started to sell them. I honestly didn’t think about selling them until my friends started to ask me how much it would be for me to start making cookies for their events. They really pushed me to put a price on my cookies because I started to get good at them,” said Garcia.

Garcia shares her creations on her Instagram @supa_bakeslv