Profile: Dancing With Davila


Photo Courtesy of: Kylee Davila

Kylee Davila showing off her amazing dancing skills.

Bella Hawkins, Journalist

Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and so much more! There are so many different styles of dance, and thousands of dancers around the world to go along with them. But today, it’s Kylee Davila’s time to shine!

Kylee Davila is a senior who has been dancing for 16 years. Davila says that she was put into a ballet class by her grandparents when she was two, and she “fell in love with it.” Since then, she has had training in various styles of dance, such as Ballroom, Pointe, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, and Modern. She is currently dancing at Dance Connections. Davila states that her favorite style is ballroom, and she has watched Dancing With the Stars since she was young.

“The day I started my ballroom training I knew it was meant for me,” Davila says

My favorite part about dance is being on stage. Having the adrenaline rush and people cheering you on is the best feeling when you are a dancer. ”

— Kylee Davila

As it is with most dancer’s, Davila has a love for the stage, and she performs often as well. Davila says she competes in 15 competitions and 5 performances or recitals per season.

My favorite performance so far is the Hollywood Connection Nationals,” says Davila. “There are thousands of people watching and a huge stage.”

That will for sure give any and all dancers that “adrenaline rush” that Davila talked about earlier.

Of course, dancing isn’t all glitter and rainbows. “One negative thing about dance is the way you see yourself,” says Davila.

“You are constantly comparing yourself to everyone else dancing around you which causes a lot of negativity. I also feel like standing in front of a mirror at practice for 4 hours a day is draining because you have time to pick out everything about yourself you don’t like,” Davila explains. 

These are issues that may dancers struggle with. But when it comes to dance, the good almost always outweighs the bad.

Kylee Davila

Because of the amount of competitions Davila does, she’s made many friendships and has gained a large support system as well. There are many connections dancers can make with the people they dance with, such as their dance teachers, other dancers, etc.

“I have made many dance friends. My dance team is like my family and they are all my best friends,” says Davila.

Dance is also often seen as a form of escapism as well. It allows the dancer to forget all of their worries and just move to the music. Especially when they are “improving,” or dancing with no choreography, there is no need to think about the moves.

I love dancing because it has become my escape from everything I go through. It has become my safe place,” says Davila.

Davila plans to continue to live her best dancing life by becoming a dance teacher when she grows older. Her main goal is to choreography dances for competitions, similar to the ones she competes in today.

Davila shows her flexibility during this amazing leap. (Photo Courtesy of: Kylee Davila)