The Writer – Sophia Sanchez Gonzalez

Sophia Sanchez Gonzalez, Guest Contributor

Words, Words, Words

Taping , Taping, Taping 

Silence all around the room 

No thoughts just emptiness

Thinking, Watching, Searching

Through my mind

What am I supposed to do?

                                                  We’ll write of course

Well yeah, but what?

                                      We can…no


Looking for something to write

Staring at the clock

As the time keeps ticking 

Trying to to find an idea

Why can’t I think of something


Even just a word

Why is my head SO EMPTY!

Without a single thought

Kinda feels like I’m sitting in an empty room 

With just my desk, paper, pencil, and a clock


If I’m imagining this…

No, no, no, no, NO!



I was so close to a thought 

I had something

I think so hard for a thought

And then poof gone







                                              I’ve been sitting in here for an HOUR!

Searching, Staring, Thinking

Trying to open my …

“Oh, yeah I’m coming.”

Well we still have tomorrow