FOUR! Watch out for the Women’s Golf Team!

Past Womens Golf Team

Photo Courtesy of: SRHS Golf Website

Past Women’s Golf Team

Mallory Priest, Athletic's Editor

Paige Bailey, senior, and Coach Huesch are excited about the current women’s golf season. Golf is a very difficult sport and is extremely underrated. It’s very hard to “master” the game of golf, even the professionals have bad days.

Making Shadow’s golf team is fairly simple, but the real competition is in whether or not athletes can compete. There are only two steps to making the team which are, 1. to get registered and 2. show up to intramurals. After making the team, the golf team practices a couple days a week, and have one match per week.

Coach Huesch and a Shadow Ridge golfer during a tournament. (Photo Courtesy of: SRHS Golf Website)

“Tournaments are usually once per week for 5 weeks and then depending on the season results, we have a chance of playing in the postseason. Practices are 2-3 times per week,” says Huesch.

Coach Huesch has been the Women’s Golf Coach for 10 years and the men’s coach for 15 years. He chose golf because he likes to play and it’s fun to help others learn the game. Even though he enjoys playing golf and has coached for a long time, he did not play golf in high school, but he wishes he did. He always wants to see his athletes become the best they can be.

“Helping players achieve their goals and become better at a sport that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives,” states Huesch.

Watching athletes become better at a sport they love so much is the highlight of any coach’s career. Bailey started playing when she was in 8th grade after a family member inspired her to play after she stopped playing volleyball. She has been on the golf team since her freshman year, and as a senior her goal is to make it to State. 

My favorite part is definitely creating strong bonds with my teammates allowing us to challenge each other and improve together,

— Paige Bailey

My favorite part is definitely creating strong bonds with my teammates allowing us to challenge each other and improve together,” explains Bailey

Challenging each other and improving skills as a team is what makes team sports so fun. Having a full team is important, but also having only six members compete creates healthy competition between teammates. With this healthy competition, it also opens up a freeway to a golf scholarship. Women’s golf scholarships are the most unused scholarships, which shows that the better someone becomes, the better their chances are of getting a scholarship towards something they love.

The reality of women’s golf is that it is underrated, and underused. It’s easy to make the team, and it’s exciting and fun after making the team. Using this sport to its advantage, can be very beneficial for anyone wanting to try something new. Even though it may seem minute, golf can and probably will become a skill that will never go away, and having said skill can be important to future endeavors.