Drawing 1/Drawing 2/AP Drawing /AP 2D Art and Design

Drawing1 and 2 are both one-year courses designed to give students a strong foundation for drawing through the study of basic drawing techniques and the use of a variety of media and subject matter. Students will participate in exercises in art appreciation and critique to learn to personally consider and evaluate art. Problem solving, creativity and originality will be cultivated through planning, art making and reflection. AP Drawing and AP 2D Art and Design are both one-year courses designed with an emphasis on meeting the requirements of the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Drawing or 2D Art and Design examination. Highly motivated students will create a college level portfolio of artwork demonstrating a mastery of drawing or 2D Art and Design. Students engage a wide range of approaches and media to address various drawing and design issues through abstract, observational, and/or inventive works.

Teacher: Joseph Weigand [email protected]


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