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Everything around us uses energy in one way or another. Our automobiles, planes, and trains burn fuel, our computers require electrical sources and Wi-Fi connections, and our telecommunication devices operate on cellular signals. Essentially, with our expanded capabilities has come an increased need for new forms of energy; and this may be from nuclear power or alternative energy sources such as fossil fuels or hybrid power. A. Physics. Definition When learning about and discussing physics, we focus heavily on energy, the core element of the science. To better understand this connection, it helps to refer to a solid working definition of physics. Physics. The science in which matter and energy are studied both separately and in combination with one another. And a more detailed working definition of physics may be: The science of nature, or that which pertains to natural objects, which deals with the laws and properties of matter and the forces which act upon them. Quite often, physics concentrates upon the forces having an impact upon matter, that is, gravitation, heat, light, magnetism, electricity, and others.

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Physics/ Physics Honors / AP Physics