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Name Changers and Game Changers

Names are extremely important in the hustle and bustle of the chaotic world we live in today. After all, that’s one way everybody knows who we are in the crowd. For example, not many people would recognize the name Mark Sinclair Vincent. Yet, if his other name, Vin Diesel, was used, he could easily be imagined by many people. Diesel certainly isn’t the only celebrity who went through a serious name change. Others, such as the ones below, go by names other than their birth names for a variety of different reasons. Alicia Augello Cook goes by the name Alicia Keys since she is a pianist in the music industry. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson goes by the name Katy Perry to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson. All these different celebrities may have changed their names for varying causes, but all of them were grew to great fame and success across the globe.

Jamie Foxx
Nicolas Cage
Joaquin Phoenix
Jennifer Aniston
Michael Caine
Miley Cyrus

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