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Farthest Distance Walked on LEGOS by a Relay Team

A team of moms worked together to earn the title of “farthest distance traveled by walking barefoot on LEGO bricks by a relay team in one hour.” This team consisted of five moms who would alternate walking on the LEGO brick track about every 12 minutes to cover the minimum of 20 laps each. They completed a total of 328 laps at the one-hour mark and a length of 3.28 km (10,761 ft 1 in). It took them eight months of planning, more than 200 pounds of LEGOs, and a 10-meter track made of plywood and 2x4s. They also had to have three independent witnesses, two medical professionals for foot verification, and live and official verification with Guinness World Records staff in multiple countries. The kids of the moms were able to participate too by throwing LEGOS back onto the track if they fell off during the team’s run. SOURCE

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