Rusty and Silverton

Rusty and Silverton, brothers that were rescued by Ms. Loo, will be 3 this upcoming February. During the pandemic just over 2 years ago Ms. Loo and her family wrote to a rescue which is how they were connected with the 2 kittens. Ms. Loo said, “Our kids really wanted a dog, but they’re too big a responsibility. Dogs are high maintenance and very dependent. Also, we would have felt terrible leaving a dog home all day and then home all night while we attended our kids sporting events in the evenings. We decided to go with cats because they’re very independent. We had the kids write out a research paper about cats and how to take care of them.” During COVID there was the perfect opportunity to get and take care of a new pet. Rusty and Silverton are both very chill and well behaved. Whenever Ms. Loo’s kids are sad the cats know how to cheer them up. She has even taught them how to not scratch her furniture! These cats truly are the best.

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