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Junior, Jolyne Kowalle is attending Shadow Ridge High School from Germany

Jolyne Kowalle – Germany

First, introduce yourself in a few words: 

Jolyne: I’m Jolyne Kowalle and I’m a 16year old exchange student from Germany. 

Why did you want to be an exchange student ?

Jolyne: I wanted to experience the high school spirit and I wanted to make international friendships.

How are you adjusting to life in America?

Jolyne: I think I’m doing pretty good, I just have a few language problems sometimes and I miss my family.

How different is your country’s education compared to America’s?

Jolyne : We don’t have Chromebook and don’t need to turn in so many assignments.

What clichés have you found out to be true or false about America? 

Jolyne : That the food is unhealthy is true, that everyone is open minded is also true. Clothes are less expensive here.

What is your favorite American food? 

Jolyne : Probably tacos or pizza. 

What did  you do in your free time back home and what do you do here? 

Jolyne : I go to the gym, go to football games, or meet up with my friends and gossip at Starbucks. 

What do you miss the most about your country? 

Jolyne : I really miss my family.

What is something that is harder than you expected? 

Jolyne : Being homesick was harder than I thought. 

What is something you like more in the US than in your country? 

Jolyne : The people for sure.

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