Omega Mart: A Grocery Store Like No Other

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Omega Mart is not the typical grocery store. Having been open since February 18th, Omega Mart is an immersive art experience that’s sure to give both its customers and employees an experience to remember. With new products, great music, and amazing art pieces, those who experience it are sure to have an amazing time.

“The concept for Omega Mart has been a part of Meow Wolf since the very beginning,” added art director Emily Montoya,” Whether guests are operating machines in the Factory or transported to the Projected Desert via a trippy portal, Omega Mart is a truly interactive narrative experience.”

Located in Area 15, Omega Mart is a unique experience for anyone to try. Created by Meow Wolf, over 325 different artists helped with both the art and music, in order to make the market seem like something out of an H.P Lovecraft book. Those who go to the market are even able to buy certain ‘products,’ including Omega Lip Balm, Omega Cola, and Who told you this was butter? (Don’t eat!!) The mart is also separated into four areas, each offering something new to those who walk in. With a grocery store, a Tron like world, a factory, and a final area known simply as ‘The Projected Desert,’ each section gives a unique feeling and vibe, with new music and art pieces to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Omega Mart

“And everybody thought it (Omega Mart) was real! We had actual grocery stores that were scared we would be their competition,” said Montoya.

Thankfully, Omega Mart is a permanent installation, so this summer is the perfect time to visit (and enjoy a Nevada Resident discount). While visiting, patrons are able to become employed at Omega Mart, allowing them to access the back of the store. Essentially, the back of the store manages to be wilder than just the front, with freezers turning into long, twisting tunnels and a monster of some kind waiting for any who enters. Other than the over the top pieces that will catch anyone’s attention immediately, everything located in Omega Mart has an artistic twist of some kind, no matter how small.  Everything located within Omega Mart is sure to have never been seen before, in order for an experience like no other. Just try not to confuse Omega Mart lemons for real lemons, it’s not a good mistake to make.

Check out Omega Mart for yourself!