Student Spotlight- Anthony Franco


Anthony Franco (catcher)

Camryn Taylor, Journalist

Senior baseball player Anthony Franco’s season got cut short but that didn’t stop him from having an unbelievable season. The Mustangs have been on fire and nothing is stopping these boys from showing out. 

Franco has been playing baseball for 14 years, he plays catcher, 3rd base, and pitches for the Shadow Ridge Varsity Team. Winning with the team is one of the things he really enjoys about playing baseball. He also really enjoys when the team wins and they all celebrate together, he says it brings the team together. 

Franco and his teammates
Shadow’s Varsity boys       Photo courtesy:Anthony Franco

Every baseball player has someone they look up to and a player that Franco looks up to is Mike Trout who plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Mike Trout is an eight-time Major League Baseball All-Star, three-time American League MVP (Most Valuable Player), and an eight-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award. Trout has been playing baseball for 11 years and is looked up to by many people because of the way he carries himself and how good of a teammate he has been throughout his career. 

In the future, Franco sees himself playing for a college and then going on to play in the Major Leagues after college. After that he sees himself becoming a coach for high school students. 

COVID-19 has affected all of the athletes at Shadow because games and practices were canceled for about over a year. Franco did lots of practicing by himself to be prepared when the season would return at Shadow. Being a senior during this hasn’t been easy but he has kept a positive attitude at games and practices. 

Anthony and his brother
The two Franco boys        Photo courtesy:Anthony Franco

“To anyone who may join the Shadow team in the future, I advise them to always listen to the coaches. They want to see you do well and if you don’t listen they will sometimes make you miss games. They have done it before and will do it again,” Franco states. Franco has been playing for Shadow ever since his freshman year and says it’s been the highlight of his high school experience. 

“The team has always had my back in times when I really needed them. They’ve all become my brothers and baseball has really helped me throughout high school,” Franco says.