I Am Greta


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Movie poster for the documentary ‘I Am Greta’

Alyssa Greer, Journalist

Greta Thunberg, teenage Swedish environmental activist, well known for challenging world leaders to take action for climate change, had a documentary released about her titled, ‘I Am Greta,’ in 2020. The documentary follows her throughout the years on her mission to speak out about environmental issues the world is facing.

Writer and director Nathan Grossman was the one to begin this project and film the documentary of Thunberg and some of the emotional scenes in her life and journey.

Thunberg has won several awards throughout her life in her endeavors such as the International Children’s Peace Prize and the Nordic Council Environment Prize. Thunberg has been dedicated to her cause for most of her life, with this getting Grossman’s attention earlier on for a documentary.

Greta Thunberg (Photo Courtesy of: Google)

When asked in an interview where the idea for the film was born Grossman stated, “In August 2018, a friend of mine who knew Greta’s family told me that she was going to do some small manifestation outside the Swedish parliament. I’m interested in climate-related topics, and I’ve done films and directing before. So I took my camera and my friend who’s a sound technician, and we went to this narrow street in the middle of the parliament building. There, this young girl sat by the stone wall with a sign. I went up to her- and asked, “Don’t get your hopes up if I feel that it isn’t interesting, but I might be here for one or two days if it’s okay with you.” She said it was fine- and I stepped back and started rolling.”

Nathan Grossman (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

The reviews for this documentary have generally been positive, viewing it as an interesting and a more sincere film, capturing intimate, emotional moments. While it is not a record-breaking film it is still viewed as impactful and an important topic needing to be discussed.

An overall consensus of “I Am Greta” on Rotten Tomatoes stated, “Audiences might not learn anything new from ‘I am Greta,’ but it’s a stirring chronicle of the young activist’s efforts is inspiring.”

Another review from a critic on Rotten Tomatoes states, “Even more than describing her cause, the affecting “I Am Greta” introduces us to the person herself, digging deep into why she’s pushing herself so hard, to do what our planet’s adults apparently won’t.”

Thunberg is a great speaker, activist, and intelligent young woman, and through ‘I Am Greta’ the world can gain a better understanding of her, her struggles, and the personal significance of her activism.