E3 For All

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

For the past 26 years, excluding 2020, E3 has been an event where developers and publishers from all over the gaming community have a chance to show off their new and upcoming projects. Since being made available to the public, E3 has gained more popularity with players of all types of consoles as well as developers.

“I was really happy when the new Elder Scrolls got teased, I’ve been waiting years for it,” said Junior Miah Wright, a long-time fan of the series.

Excluding 2020, E3 is a yearly event in which the video game industry gets its chance to show off. From exhibitors like Nintendo and Ubisoft, to reviewers like IGN and Polygon, E3 is the best way to introduce and advertise new products. Things like new games are announced and often teased for the fans and journalists in attendance. Games with big titles or from a well-known series are usually the most anticipated, such as games like Assassin’s Creed or the Elder Scrolls. It gives gamers a chance to see what’s to come, get their hopes up, and hopefully increase the presales of said game. It also allows time for developers to answer questions, as for the most part, some games have already been beta tested, and there is some information available for everyone.

Photo courtesy of google images

Some big names, like Nintendo, even have set times just for their own announcements. Like with the Nintendo Direct, it allows big fans to tune it directly for news and announcements related to new games or consoles. It’s hosted specifically for them, and nothing else is shown that does not belong in the direct. Other times, game titles are introduced and have whole segments just for that one game. Take Cyberpunk:2077 for example, an extremely anticipated game. While being presented at E3, it was met with increased excitement, and guest speaker Keanu Reeves, who has his own spot in the game.

“You’re breathtaking!” After being told that he was, Keanu Reeves, returned the favor to one of the fans for Cyberpunk.

Despite having been around for close to 30 years, E3 only opened to the public in 2016 on a small scale, but tried again in 2017 with a much larger response. By opening to the public, games had easier access to seeing what they were to purchase, what was on the market, and what they had to be excited about. Anyone was able to attend, in order to see what was being offered. It was a showcase full of just about everything a gamer of any age could hope for, and an overall big hit with the general population.