Ballin’ Beko


Camryn Taylor, Journalist

Sophomore Brady Beko started playing on the Shadow Ridge Varsity Volleyball Team this year after playing for JV last year and his passion for the sport doesn’t go unnoticed. Beko started playing volleyball about two years ago. His middle school, Leavitt, started a small team with a couple of other teams and he decided to give it a shot. After playing for the middle school team, Beko started playing for Vegas United Volleyball Club which is an advanced club and his talent shows when he’s on the court. Beko is a very hard worker and he will face any challenge effortlessly on the court.

Beko plays outside hitter and hopes to take things to the next level and play volleyball at the collegiate level after he graduates high school or he hopes to coach volleyball in the future.

Beko digging the ball off of a hit. (Photo Courtesy of: Brady Beko)

“I’ve always looked up to my coaches and appreciate what they do for me so if I could do the same thing for kids in the future that would be something I would want to do,” says Beko

“My favorite part about volleyball is when I get a good kill or dig. The whole team comes together and it feels good to get hyped together.”

The varsity team could possibly be a contender for the state championship because of how well this team works together and the talent they have presented throughout the season so far. 

Beko looks forward to his future in volleyball, he works hard and has big goals and has a huge future ahead of him. He hopes to play volleyball for the rest of high school and become better every season.