New Quarantine Hobbies


Photo Courtesy of: Cecilia Scalise

Cecilia spent a lot of her time in quarantine working on her photo editing skills.

Video Courtesy of: Jeremiah Wright

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Quarantine has been going on since March 15th in Las Vegas and during that time, many people were struggling to find things to do. Some students from Shadow Ridge, on the other hand, found the perfect way to spent their months inside.

“I feel like it helped a lot with keeping me together,” stated Jeremiah Wright, junior, who took up playing the guitar. “Doing the same two things got very repetitive, so it was nice having something new to do.”

For just about everyone, quarantine was very hard. People had to adjust to a whole new way of doing things, and having to stay indoors. One thing people did to pass the time, other than sleeping, was by learning how to do things they’ve never done before. This included many things, ranging from baking to sewing and for some, taking up a whole new instrument. Some people, like Wright, picked up an instrument, for them being a guitar, and started playing.

“I picked up roller skating, and just being able to move around and be active was fun enough for me,” adds Jade Hollman, junior, “It definitely was one of the major things that helped get through quarantine.”

Another way people managed to maintain sanity while quarantined in their homes all the time was to start exercising. Running, jogging, and swimming were some of the ways people kept on moving. Either from the inside of a student’s home or going out with proper precaution, people still found ways to keep themselves healthy. Despite the summer heat, these students found ways to keep themselves moving, staying active, and making sure everything they did over quarantine wasn’t all unhealthy.

“It [photo editing] was actually easier to learn than I expected,” said Cecilia Scalise, junior, “Once I found the right programs and practiced a bit, it helped me feel less lonely.”

Other than working out or picking up something simple, some people began editing photos, among other things, with their computers. From making videos, learning to code, and simply editing photos, a lot of people learned how to do it over the past 6 months. People, like Scalise, learned how to edit their favorite characters from shows and movies into their photos. Others, learned how to edit and make videos, depicting whatever they chose. These people, who learned skills not often known by others, found the simple joy in them that helped pass the time.