May Horoscopes

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Aries: School is nearing the end, so let that motivate you!! Get your work in, and do not forget to prepare for exams, because soon it will be break!!

Taurus: The weather is getting hotter, so why not enjoy it? Hang out in the sun for a few extra hours, ride a bike, or even take up an outdoor hobby. Might as well get the most of it!

Gemini: Take some time to pause a look at yourself; are you doing what you want to be doing? It is never to late to change things, so long as you put your mind to it!!

Cancer: Keep pushing forward, you have almost made it!! The year is almost over, and you deserve to finish strong. Stay on your path and everything will work out for you!!

Leo: It is never too late or too early to start something new, so you might as well!! A new hobby is the best way to pass your time, no matter how silly or hard it may look to others.

Virgo: Focus on ‘me’ time, you need some. Having a break for yourself won’t make you lazy, even if others say it does. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

Libra: Even if others keep saying so, the things you like are perfectly fine! Have fun, live your life, at the end of the day you are in charge of you!!

Scorpio: Don’t forget to take breaks, burnout is not fun, and it is not something you need or want. The work will be there for you when you are ready, so take a breather and focus yourself.

Sagittarius: It is okay if those hobbies you took up are gathering dust, do not feel pressured to get back into them right now! Everyone gets burnout or bored from time to time, and they will always be there for you when you want to try again.

Capricorn: Do not forget to spend some time with the people close to you, spending time by yourself might be fun, but you do not have to all the time. People love you and want to see you!

Aquarius: Pamper yourself some time, you deserve it!! Just like everyone else, you deserve nice things, no matter how you feel personally. Besides, a new jacket or game can do a lot for you!!

Pisces: It must be tiring trying to be perfect all the time, so take a break!! No one will be disappointed, and everyone will wait patiently for you when you get back! You matter just as much as those you support.