Representation in TV Series “Kung Fu”

Alyssa Greer, journalist

Actor Olivia Liang Photo Courtesy of: Google

The creators and cast of the Kung Fu reboot TV series, hopes that their show will help combat racism against the Asian community, in light of the recent murders of women of Asian descent. Kung Fu stars the protagonist Nicky Shen, a Chinese American woman after her life-changing journey to a Chinese monastery. She comes back to her hometown, San Francisco to find the city running rampant with crime. The story follows the protagonist as she works together with the people around her, and uses martial arts to help take down the crime syndicate. The cast hopes that this story and the representation will help in the ongoing battle of racism against the Asian community.

Six murders of women of Asian descent have become an important topic for the cast in their aim and goals for what their show is trying to convey.

The star of Kung Fu, Olivia Liang has stated, “The timing of our show is really impeccable. So much about representation and inclusion is not so much that we as Asians need to see ourselves represented on screens, but we need to be invited into people’s homes who don’t see us in their everyday life. Just to humanize us, normalize seeing us, remind them that we are people just like they are and we have a place in this world. And hopefully having our show in their homes will expand their worldview for them.”

The cast emphasizes the importance of their show in helping expand the audience’s views on those different from them, as well as the necessity of bringing diversity to the screen. It is often crucial for people of all backgrounds to be represented in media, to normalize these differences and prejudices of others.

“I’m not quite sure what the short-term fix is and I know we are the long-term solution. To do our show, to show the world who we are. And hopefully, those messages will come out loud and clear about inclusion, about representation,” says Tzi Ma a well-known actor, now a part of the Kung Fu cast. “These are part of our

A scene from the TV series Kung Fu Photo Courtesy of: Google

long-term goals. Short-term solutions, I don’t have any. We aim to knock it out of the park, man, because it’s important to all of us that this happens.”

Representation in media proves to be important for both the demographic and for the exposure to these demographics in a way that is real and human. Media and the content an audience consumes can be very important, and both the creators and cast of Kung Fu, hope to be able to utilize this in their goal to help stop these issues.