Mask of the Future

A poster for the XUPERMASKS

Photo Courtesy of: Google

A poster for the XUPERMASKS

Alyssa Greer , Journalist

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William James Adams,  most famously known by fans as ‘,’ a Grammy award winner, and founding member of the band the “Black Eyed Peas,” has launched high tech face masks worth $299. has been  working with the company Honeywell to launch this face mask dubbed ‘XUPERMASK.’

As well as working with different companies, has also been working with Jose Fernandez, creator of costumes from movies such as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “The Avengers,” to help design prototypes for the masks. has been making investments in high-tech equipment over the course of years, investing in companies such as Beat Electronics and Tesla. and his company,, have had their primary focus on products that can be worn in an everyday fashion. With masks being essential for any outing as of current, it has become an opportune time to utilize their technology in face masks.

There will be several functions and uses in the masks, providing better quality air from the mechanical filter, microphone capabilities, noise-canceling audio, carry cases, adjustable ear tip sizes, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. These masks will be highly adjustable and their charge can last a total of seven hours.

Although places have begun to lift the rule of mandatory masks, has not expressed concern in this, stating, “SARS happened in Japan and Southeast Asia, and they got over it, and they still wear masks.” had come up with the idea for these masks while traveling by airplane when he had thought, “Let’s make a mask for the traveler,’ because the masks that we have were never intended for daily use … not for people to interface with tech, headphones, and phones. People take off their mask and the earbuds fall out.”

Performers singing while wearing the XUPERMASKS (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images) intends to add more convenience in mask-wearing, making it a luxury rather than a hassle. views this launch as an important example for Black tech innovators. “I would like to add how blessed and thrilled I am with this collaboration with Honeywell. There’s not that many Black entrepreneurs in tech. The work that I do in the inner city, teaching kids computer science and robotics and engineering, this is confirmation that – though there are not that many people that look like them in the tech field – good ideas are needed. So this partnership means a lot, not only to me, but to the 1,200 kids that I support in the hood that I come from.”

This new and innovative product has been released on April 8 for public use. This product could be another step forward into the future of today.