Drive-Thru Tacos at 7-Eleven

Alyssa Greer, Journalist

7-Eleven, a very popular corner convenience store in the U.S has decided to open up its first drive-thru taco restaurant in Dallas, Texas. With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing, 7-Eleven has decided that now would be a good time for them to make their own socially distanced fast food restaurant.

The “socially distanced” part of this idea is an important role in the making and the possible success of these drive-thrus. As previously mentioned, with the pandemic, fast food has been a very popular choice because of the now safer bonus of social distance. With that in mind, 7-Eleven has decided to take this opportunity and hopefully make its big break into the fast-food drive-thru market.

7-Eleven’s chief officer, Chris Tanco, stated,  “While opening the first Laredo Taco Company drive-thru restaurant with a 7-Eleven store would be exciting any time, we think customers looking for socially distanced ways  to grab breakfast lunch and dinner really appreciate it now.”

Laredo Taco, is a restaurant often found in 7-Eleven stores, and will be the new drive-thru restaurant, marking the first drive-thru for both 7-Eleven and Laredo Tacos.

Food sold at this drive-thru will of course include 7-Eleven’s signature Slurpee, Laredo Taco’s aguas frescas, as well as an assortment of other foods. Dishes such as carne asada, tacos, carnitas, and even breakfast tacos will all be served.

Alongside there being a drive-thru, there is also the indoor part of this restaurant. The inside of this establishment offers many different coffees and baked pastries.

A Laredo Taco location (Photo Courtesy of: Google Images)

This drive-thru and convenience store is part of a series of 7-Eleven’s Evolution stores. These are called concept stores because of the new business and food being brought to people. It often brings new tastes and ideas into the world of convenience stores and fast food alike.

7-Eleven is well-known and is an often praised establishment, well-liked by both kids and adults. Whether someone needs to stop and get something on their way, or if it’s where someone is getting their lunch, 7-Eleven is known to be right around the corner. Already popular for its famous Slurpees, and variety of food sold, 7-Eleven is still keeping its name fresh in people’s heads. Now many people can meet both their Slurpee craving and their taco craving any time of the day.