April Horoscopes

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

Aries: Spring is finally here! Enjoy some time outside! Relax in the sun, take up gardening, or simply enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Taurus: It might be allergy season, but don’t let that stop you! It might be difficult to be outside, but inside is where you can still thrive! Don’t worry, inside activities are just as fun!

Gemini: It’s always a good time to talk to your friends, but maybe check up on them especially right now. You deserve a lot, and so do the people you surround yourself with.

Cancer: It might seem kind of boring right now, but summer is right around the corner! Don’t stress about your allergies for now, because soon it’s going to be some perfect weather for you!

Leo: Any time is a good time to start relaxing. Take a break from work, don’t stress so much about school, just take your time and enjoy what life has for you.

Virgo: School is just about over, and you’ve got this! Keep up the great work and finish strong, if anyone can do it, it is you!

Libra: Winter is finally over, and I know it feels like you are out of your element, but don’t worry, you’ll make it!! Try to enjoy the weather while you can, and don’t forget to have fun!!

Scorpio: Time to start up some new shows! The winter ones were great, trust me I know, but it’s time to start something new!

Sagittarius: Try something new this month! Be it a new hobby, a new kind of food, or giving someone a chance, it is always fun to take risks!

Capricorn: I know it might be hard right now, but you are in the final stretch! It might all seem like it’s going downhill right now, but you can pull through it, even if it’s slow at first!

Aquarius: It is totally okay to make some more time for yourself! Taking breaks is always a good idea, no matter how scary they might seem.

Pisces: That extra effort you put in won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure! You matter, and everything you do will be met with some positive reactions