What To Expect With Hybrid

Camryn Watkins, Entertainment Editor

On Monday, March 21st, students will be returning back to in-person school, after over a year of participating in virtual learning. Students will be returning to their classes in cohorts, with brand new schedules.

“Personally, going back wasn’t the biggest concern for me, but it really was nice to finally be able to go back. I still have to wait a bit more for me to go back, but I really can’t wait,” stated junior Jade Hollman, who will return to school on April 6th.

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to how school will work, from electives to core classes, there is a lot of mystery. What can be said for sure, is masks and social distancing will be for not only every student but for all staff as well. Teachers will not only be teaching two in-person classes each day but also two online classes after a lunch break. Class times are also being changed, with school starting at 7:00 am, and each of the morning classes lasting 1 and 45 minutes.  Each of the afternoon virtual classes will be 30 minutes in length.

“I’m not going back, simply because I still think it’s a risk and because I’ll be done with the school year a month after we get back,” stated junior Miah Wright, who will be in cohort C.

Students have all been put into cohorts: A, B, or C. A and B are both hybrid learning, with their classes being online one week, but in person the next, essentially flipping each week. Cohort C will be 100% online for all their classes, rather than going back. Students were given the option to choose which cohort they would like, leaving it completely up to them. While many students were certainly excited about going back, there are still some students who would feel safer at home.

“I mean, I do kind of want to go back, but I personally felt that it would be better to stay home,” said sophomore Gjason White, who will be in cohort C.

While for some, going to the hybrid school will seem like a blessing, especially if they’ve been struggling with online learning, but for others, they’ve done better online. Some students may feel more comfortable in the work environment they’ve made and feel no reason to come back. Others need the classroom setting in order to properly work. Teachers will also be getting back into what’s normal for them because not everyone has excelled with online teaching. Although it will be a bit of an adjustment for everyone, for many, this will definitely be an improvement.