Yusaku Maezawa’s Trip to The Moon

A picture of Yusaku Maezawa

Photo Courtesy of: Google Images

A picture of Yusaku Maezawa

Alyssa Greer, Journalist

The moon

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese entrepreneur, art collector, and billionaire has recently announced he is looking for 8 applicants to join him on a journey in space around the moon. Maezawa encourages unique applicants to try and join him on this trip. He hopes for those lucky 8 to be a diverse group with many different backgrounds. This open application process has been titled, “dearMoon” by Maezawa.

According to the dearMoon website the pre- registration will close March 14, and the initial screenings closed by March 21. After this, there will be a final interview, as well as a medical exam expected to take place in May of this year. While the opportunity is open to countless people, the time window is short.

Applicants won’t have to concern themselves with the large price tag that comes with this type of trip. Maezawa has announced that for the chosen applicants, all expenses for their travels will be covered.

When discussing payment for this trip Maezawa has stated, “I will pay for the entire journey. I have bought all the seats, so it will be a private ride. I hope that together, we can make it a fun trip.”

An advertisement to apply for the dearMoon project

While anyone can apply, Maezawa is looking for people that meet certain criteria in joining him in his travels. He is looking for those who can push the status quo to help others and help change the world for the better, as well as being helpful and supportive of the crew members.

Maezawa said, “Whatever activity you are into, by going to space, I hope that you can push its envelope, to help other people.”

He has also said he’s looking for those who “could do something that’s even better, even bigger” than what they have been doing on Earth.

While Maezawa is looking for people who can create a positive change from this experience, he also has his own goals for this trip. He has stated how he looks forward to seeing Earth with his own eyes, and how small he is when seen from the eyes of the universe.

“I want to be reminded of how small, how insignificant I am,” says Maezawa.

This trip will be going past the moon, making this trip the furthest humanity has ever ventured away from Earth.

This trip has the potential to become an incredible and record breaking trip into space. While many could never dream of being able to participate in such a momentous experience, those 8 lucky people will be able to go on a journey they will never forget.