Life Is Beautiful is Back!

Jazzie Dupree, Journalist

The very popular Life Is Beautiful festival is back in business. After not being able to have the festival last year due to Covid-19, they just announced that they will be returning. Life is Beautiful Las Vegas is a 3-day event that debuted in 2013 and has quickly grown to become one of the largest festivals in the country. This year the festival will begin September 17th and will end on the 19th. 

Although they have yet to release their new regulations, considering everyone is still in a pandemic, they guarantee that they are working with state officials to create the best possible and safe experience for this year.

Tickets to Life is Beautiful called ‘Early Bird Tickets’ have already been put on sale and are already completely sold out. Customers who are still interested in buying tickets will have to wait until they release their general admission tickets which are coming soon.

When asked on Twitter how this is going to work and if they are going to mandate mask-wearing, they replied, “We are focused on ensuring a safe return to festival season and are working closely with state and local officials in order to do so. As more information becomes available, you can visit us at

Some people did not like their response because they have zero information on the website at this point and keep using the same phrase to answer any and all questions pertaining to Covid regulations. Even though the backlash they are facing is minimal, people still have to say “is this really what we need right now?”

Picture of the Life is Beautiful crowd.
Picture of the Life is Beautiful crowd.

With California now opening up stadiums and amusement parks, this was to be expected but maybe it is still too soon. California still has not mentioned Coachella’s reopening which is the biggest festival in the country.

Life is Beautiful has yet to release the lineup of performances happening on the 18 block festival this fall and it really has many guessing. Some of the popular guesses are Lady Gaga, Tame Impala, Miley Cyrus, Kid Cudi, Bad Bunny, and many other popular artists that have yet to be confirmed.

Tickets start at $330 and end at about $3000, so customers should buy them when they are on layaway to save money. Attendees can try their best to be safe and wear a mask during the festival, as well as getting tested before and after just as a precaution.